Active results


A free online results analysis service to help you review exam performance. It is available for GCSEs, A Levels and Cambridge Nationals.

Our results analysis tool offers a unique perspective on results data and greater opportunities to understand students’ performance.

It’s a secure web-based service available to an unlimited number of users within your centre. It allows you to view a number of different reports, showing different aspects of students’ progress or attainment. Reports can also be filtered to allow a more detailed analysis of results.

You can use it to:

  • Review reports on the performance of individual candidates, cohorts of students and whole centres
  • Analyse results at question/topic level
  • Compare your centre with OCR national averages or similar OCR centres.

It allows you to:

  • Identify trends across the centre
  • Gain additional insight to support decisions
    e.g. whether to apply for an enquiry about results
  • Facilitate effective planning and delivery of courses
  • Identify areas of the curriculum where students excel or struggle
  • Help pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of students and teaching departments.