Assessment production and supervision tasks

How to apply

  1. Complete the associated application form under the specific advert using your name as the filename.
  2. If you have been asked to complete an assessment exercise ensure that it is clearly labelled with your name followed by ‘assessment exercise' as the filename.
  3. Email your completed application form and assessment exercise if applicable to
  4. Forward the reference request form to your chosen referee.
  5. Reference request form.

If you have any questions, contact the recruitment team on 02476 856247 or

Further information

You cannot undertake both the tasks of revising and setting for the same specification.

If you were to be successful in your application for this opportunity, OCR would, if necessary, terminate any existing agreement for setting or revising tasks. 

If you are currently under investigation by, or are awaiting an outcome of an investigation by the General Teaching Council, an employer, the police, or any other authority you should contact 01223 552 558 before making an application to OCR to become an assessor. If, as a result of an investigation by one of the above authorities you have a ruling against you, or are subject to an order, you must also contact OCR before making an application to OCR to become an assessor.

As of 1 September 2011 OCR will no longer reimburse expenses incurred as a result of attending an interview for an assessment task.

Applicants for assessment production and supervision tasks must have a valid UK address in order to be able to receive assessment materials.