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Assessment task training

    • The term assessor refers to the person providing the assessment service.

    • Depending on the assessment task you have been invited to undertake you will be required to complete a training activity.

    • Training is delivered in various ways, according to the assessment task. It may be on-line, face to face or by post.

    • This will depend on your assessment task.  If you are new to the assessment task you will complete introductory training, and you will be asked to complete training relating to subject specific marking or moderation.

      Following training, all assessors undertaking marking, moderating or verifying are required to participate in and satisfactorily complete standardisation activities.

    • Most face to face training events take place in the Midlands, at venues with good rail and road links. Events are typically scheduled to start at 9.30am and finish at 4.30pm, although there may be occasions when an event falls outside these times. Refreshments are provided, as is overnight accommodation if you would need to leave home before 6.30am or would not arrive home until after 11.30 pm. All attendees can claim travel expenses. In addition, either an attendance fee or teacher release fee is paid, but not both.

    • Remote training is completed in your own time. Requests for you to undertake remote training will be sent via email. There is a two week period within which this training must be completed. There is no fee paid for undertaking remote training.

      If there are any issues with completing the training please email