Getting your results

Please take a look at the Statements of results page to see an explanation of each part of your results slip in detail.

Have a question about your results slip?

If you have any of the following queries about your results slip please talk to the Exams Officer at your school or college straight away so they can deal with any problems

  • You results slip doesn't show your overall grade
  • Your results slips says 'no result'
  • Your name is spelt incorrectly on the results slip
  • Your results have changed
  • Your results are missing
  • You don’t agree with your results.

Please note that we cannot accept enquiries about results or appeals from candidates or parents. These have to come directly from your school or college.

A review of your results

If you are not happy with the accuracy of your results your school or college could apply for a review on your behalf. There are different deadlines for applications and notifications of reviews, so if you are waiting for confirmation of a university place it is advisable to inform your university so that they can take this into account when making their decisions.

If you receive the outcome of the review but are still not happy with your results please speak to your school or college in the first instance so they can talk you through the options available to you, including the appeals process.

Reviews can only be requested through your school or college, not through candidates or parents. Details of the fees can be found on our website . However, whether any of this fee is passed on to candidates depends on the school or college so please speak to them in the first instance.