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We already work with schools, FE colleges, training providers and other education centres, in the delivery of high-quality Functional Skills qualifications.

Initial assessment for our Functional Skills qualifications

Initial assessment is an essential part of the learning process. So to help you, we now have an online Level Checker for use with our Functional Skills English, Maths and ICT* qualifications that can be accessed through Interchange

The online Level Checker can be used to determine the level of a learner’s ability before moving on to pinpointing specific skills gaps using our Diagnostic Assessment Tool.

Our free Diagnostic Assessment Tool can be used for English and Maths at all levels from Entry Level 1 through to Level 2. It provides rigorous diagnostic assessment and identifies skills gaps within each level. Tutors can use this information to target the skills that their learners need, using units from the Cambridge Progression suite.

The Diagnostic Assessment Tool assesses underpinning skills in both English and Maths, together with the process skills that learners need to succeed in their vocational and academic programmes.

You can access the online Level Checker and the Diagnostic Assessment Tool through Interchange.

Free resources

The following resources are available to download from each of the functional skills qualification pages.

Support materials

We provide a full range of support materials for all three subjects. Our Activity Banks contain a range of bite-sized resources to enhance lessons and help you to prepare candidates for assessment.

Exemplar responses

There are model answers to sample assessment materials for each subject at Levels 1 and 2.

Practice materials

There are practice assessment materials available for each subject at Levels 1 and 2.

Flexible assessment

With an increase in the roll-on, roll-off programmes of learning, we know how important it will be to have access to on-screen assessments. We are bringing you on-screen, on-demand assessment in addition to our paper-based assessment from September 2012, subject to accreditation.

We know how important it is for you to have access to greater flexibility when it comes to assessment, which is why from 21 October 2013 we’ll be extending our on-demand offering to our paper-based testing for Functional Skills English, Maths and ICT qualifications. This will enable us to offer assessment all year round (excluding Christmas holidays) rather than just monthly. Results turnaround has also been decreased, with confirmed results being available in as little as 15 days. 

Paper-based, on-demand assessment will complement our existing on-screen, on-demand offering, which since its launch last year has proved to be hugely popular. If you’re already delivering our Functional Skills qualifications, you can sign up for e-assessments. We’ll provide you with access to the software and the system to register candidates for English and Maths as soon as you have your log-in details. ICT is not currently available for on-screen, on-demand assessment.

If you are new to our Functional Skills qualifications, you can apply for approval. Once approved, you can sign up for e-assessments.

Try our practice tests for on-screen Functional Skills:

Suitable for Cambridge Traineeships and Apprenticeships

Customers are already using our Functional Skills as part of their Cambridge Traineeships and Apprenticeships. Our flexible approach enables you to use Functional Skills within your own learning programmes. 

We recognise that achieving Functional Skills within six months could be a challenge for some learners, which is why we developed our new Cambridge Progression suite of qualifications.

Cambridge Progression qualifications support core English and maths skills within a framework of bite-sized, credit-based units and develop the underpinning skills needed in English and maths so that learners can progress to Functional Skills.

Find out more about more about Cambridge Progression

Fast turnaround of results

We’re continually reviewing our processes and with the launch of our Functional Skills paper-based, on-demand offer (live for entries on 21 October  2013) confirmed results can be available in as little as 15 days.

Curriculum guide

The Curriculum Guide has been designed to assist with the delivery and assessment of our Functional Skills qualifications. It gives a useful starting point when planning for delivery, using real centre examples and guidance based on their own experiences.