Become a centre

The first step to offering OCR general or vocational qualifications is becoming an approved centre. 

  • General: Once you are approved you can offer any of our general qualifications without having to seek approval individually.
  • Vocational: approval needs to be obtained for each qualification - OCR criteria for verified qualifications.

To apply for general qualifications

  • To apply for centre approval, you need to complete the centre approval form. 
  • Call or email our Customer Contact Centre and we will send you the form. 

To apply for vocational qualifications

Next steps

Depending on your circumstances we may contact awarding bodies for references, arrange for a representative to visit your centre or carry out a credit check.

Visiting your centre

A visit from one of our team will be required if:

  • You do not already have approval to run formal timetabled examinations
  • You are seeking approval to offer NVQ qualifications.

See the Fees List for details of fees charged for approval visits.

Credit checking

If you are a company, sole trader or partnership, we have a credit checking process in place to help us verify your credit worthiness. You need to have been established, and trading on credit terms, for a minimum of six months and be able to supply us with two credit references (banks, solicitors and accountants are not considered as trade creditors and cannot be used as referees).

If you cannot satisfy these requirements, we will be unable to process your application. We can, however, review your application after six months of trading. If you cannot meet these criteria but think there are extenuating circumstances, please email the details to the Customer Contact Centre.

How long will my approval last

Once your application is approved you will receive a letter of confirmation. You can then enter candidates for the qualifications that you are approved to offer.

Approval is subject to continued centre activity; if there are no entries or certification claims for a qualification for three consecutive years, centre approval will automatically lapse for that qualification.

In addition, your full vocational centre approval will lapse if you have not made any entries or certification claims for any vocational qualification for three years.

More information

Still have questions?

Get in touch with our Customer Contact Centre:

General qualifications

Vocational qualifications