Certification claims

QCF qualifications

This section applies to all qualifications accredited on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) which are moderated or assessed by post.

Once the assessment is complete, you can make a certification claim for each candidate. Centre-assessed work is then submitted for moderation so that OCR may sample it, in order to ensure that standards are being met. OCR-assessed units are sent to the OCR examiner-moderator so that they can be marked. After the assessment, your OCR examiner-moderator will confirm or edit the claim as appropriate. They will then send it to OCR to process.

Certification claims are made via Interchange.

Deadlines for making certification claims

There are no specific deadlines for making certification claims for on-demand assessments; however, it is important only to make claims when you are confident that the requirements for the unit have been met. Under no circumstances must claims be submitted unless, in the final opinion of the centre, the work meets the requirements for certification. 

Centres must clarify any assessment queries with OCR before making claims for centre-assessed work. The moderation process must not be used as a means of obtaining a second opinion on assessment decisions. You should also submit the claim at least two weeks before you expect them to review your candidates' work. 

Editing and viewing claims 

You can build up claims on Interchange over a period of time, and you can keep adding to or editing an existing claim by clicking 'Edit' next to the qualification title or the candidate name. The claim you are making is available to view at each stage of the process as well as after certification.

OCR Nationals

When a centre is ready to submit candidates' work for external moderation, they can make a claim for each candidate; this must be done via Interchange. 

To allow Visiting Moderators time to select a sample of candidates' work for moderation, centres must ensure that the claim is made at least two weeks before the scheduled moderation visit.

Once the claims have been submitted via Interchange, the OCR Visiting Moderator will select a moderation sample. You will receive an email when the sample is available to view on Interchange.

More information about claims is provided in the OCR Admin Guide.