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In 2011 OCR funded the provision of free eBooks for A Level students across the UK. Initially planned as a one-year trial, the huge demand for these free resources led us to extend the facility through to 2014.

The majority of our A Level subjects have been covered by the 60 plus titles that have been available since the launch of the initiative in September 2011. Our eBook suppliers, Hodder Education and Oxford University Press have helped us to supply almost 1 million eBooks free to UK schools and colleges.

As GCSEs and A Levels, for first teaching from September 2015, are being redeveloped, OCR and Oxford University Press will no longer be supplying eBooks. However, Hodder Education will continue supplying free eBooks for some subjects and you’ll be able to order your free eBooks for 2014/15 through Interchange as usual.

Liz Tribe, Managing Director of Hodder Education, said: “Hodder Education is delighted to be able to support OCR for a fourth year of the free eBook scheme. We have been enormously pleased with the take-up of our A Level materials, and look forward to further success next year.”


The eBooks partnership gives teachers and students access to free high-quality eBooks which can be used flexibly either in the classroom or at home, to suit individual teaching and learning styles.

Over 37 titles of free eBooks are available to order today across a wide range of AS and A2 subjects covering broad areas of the curriculum. See a full list of the eBooks by downloading our catalogue below.

Step by step guide

This free eBook offer is available to all schools and colleges teaching A Levels, not just those that currently use OCR's AS and A2 qualifications.

If you're not currently an approved OCR centre, you'll need to apply for approval and then register for access to Interchange before you can request your eBook(s).

  • Once you have logged into Interchange, select 'Resources and materials' and then 'eBook ordering' from the By task menu.
  • On the next screen you simply need to select the eBook specification you want to order (displayed by code and title) from the drop down box and the quantity, then select 'Add order line'.
  • Repeat this for as many specifications as you need. Once you have added all the specifications you require select 'Confirm and place order'.
  • You will then receive your log in details from Hodder Education to access your chosen eBooks within 3 days.

Order eBooks

eBooks FAQs

When will eBooks be available?

Selected free eBooks are available to order via OCR's Interchange. Instructions on how to do this are now on this page.

How much will this cost my centre?

Nothing. Once you provide the details we need about your centre, your eBooks will be provided free of charge. It's as simple as that.

What devices will the eBook work on?

The eBooks are online resources and can be viewed by teachers and students alike via their relevant password. The eBook will be accessible via all well known browsers (Internet Explorer, recent versions of Google Chrome and Firefox). Some eBooks may also work with Android or Apple iOS based devices such as the iPad.

If I have an eBook, will I still need a text book?

eBooks are online resources and can be used alone but are more commonly used in conjunction with relevant text books.

How long will I be able to access my eBook?

For orders placed after 14 July 2014 your login access codes will be active until 1 July 2015.

Which GCE subjects are available with this offer?

The subjects currently available for the eBook offer are indicated on the individual GCE qualification pages, and also in the schedule document.

How will the process work?

OCR approved centres can log into OCR's Interchange (OCR's free, secure website for all exam-related information) to get things started. You will not be required to make entries for any OCR qualification to gain access to the eBooks.

You can be approved for any OCR qualification, it's not necessary for you to be approved for any particular qualification or subject in order to gain access to the relevant eBook. For example, you can be approved for OCR vocational qualifications and still gain access to eBooks for general qualifications.

If you're not currently an approved OCR centre, you'll need to apply for approval in order to gain access to Interchange and then request your eBook(s).

A step by step guide on the full process is available on this page.

How do I access the eBooks?

All orders will be processed within 3 days after the date of order. Once the order has been processed a centre subject login will be sent direct from Hodder Education to your registered Interchange email address along with detailed instructions on how to access the eBooks.

Who will receive the access login once the eBooks have been ordered?

The centre subject login details used to access eBooks will be sent to your registered Interchange email address.

Who do I contact if I have any problems ordering eBooks?

For general queries about eBooks and for help ordering via Interchange or getting started you can get in touch with OCR on 01223 553998 or email

Who do I contact if I have any problems accessing eBooks?

If you have any technical queries on how to access your eBooks please contact the publisher who sent your eBooks login access codes to you.

eBooks demos

Demo versions of the eBooks from Hodder Education are available. These are examples of the resources that are now accessible from OCR's Interchange website.

Hodder Education

Hodder eBooks demo screen

Schools and colleges can trial two eBooks by following the links below - just sign up for the products below using an existing Dynamic Learning log in, or register for a new one. You'll get instant access and the trial is free for 60 days.