Functional Skills


Paper-based, on-demand assessment

Live for entries on 21 October 2013.  First testing from 28 October 2013.

Instead of waiting for a timetabled assessment window, you’ll be able to simply order the paper-based examinations whenever you want. You’ll receive papers five working days after you’ve placed your order and we’ll provide assessment all year round (excluding Christmas holidays) rather than just monthly. Results turnaround time has also been decreased, with confirmed results available in as little as 15 days.



In Focus

  1. Functional skills Admin guide

    Free and easy-to-use support

    Download the Admin guide to support you with administration.

    Admin guides

  2. Functional skills practice tests

    On screen practice tests

    Functional skills assessments in English and Maths are now available on-screen, on-demand.

    Access practice tests